Appstar Visual Sales App
A powerful tool that makes sales inspiring

Appstar Visual Sales App

A powerful tool that makes sales inspiring, fun and efficient.

With presentations, graphics, films and images collected in one place, the sales situation becomes both inclusive and truly professional. The app lets you organize the information just as you want it, and you can feel confident that you always have the latest information at hand. By choosing Appstar you have full access to all the material in your phone, iPad or laptop even when you are offline.The Visual Sales App provides all your sales people and other stake holders with the latest information regarding a certain product(s) or product area.

  • Facilitates the sales job and reduces your sales costs.
  • Save and organize presentations, graphics, films and multimedia files in one place
  • Send push notices to the sales team
  • Share information directly from the app with your customers
  • Display specific information during defined time periods
  • Divide the information internally and externally
  • Excellent search function
  • Calculator allows you to quickly provide your customer with a price estimate


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